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Do you feel overwhelmed by the disorder in your home or office?

Is it difficult for you to part with things? 

Do you waste time looking for the items you need?


Fret no more, Miriam Gold is here to help!

My mission is to "get and keep you organized" at an affordable price. 

As a professional home organizer in Israel, our sessions are tailor-made following an assessment of

your needs and preferences. I work alongside you while we sort, downsize, trash, donate, and create functional systems that can be maintained long-term. Simple as that!



I am a seasoned Social Worker and have a keen understanding of how to create and maintain well-ordered spaces. I ask questions, listen to the answers, and work with my clients to reduce clutter and create individualized solutions to their organizing challenges. My goal is to streamline spaces, enhance productivity & efficiency, decrease stress & frustration, and teach my clients the organizing skills needed for long-term maintenance. 


I will help you:

Organize your home or office.

Coordinate packing and unpacking your move. 

Arrange and maintain your vacation home in Israel. 

Provide presentations to groups including tips and tricks.

Coach you to a more focused and organized life.

Home Organizing

Office Organizing

Moving -  Packing and Unpacking

Lectures / Presentations

Life Coaching

I will help you:

Organize your home or office.

Coordinate packing and unpacking your move. 

Arrange and maintain your vacation home in Israel. 

Provide presentations to groups including tips and tricks.

Coach you to a more focused and organized life.

Home Organizing -re-purposing space

Office Organizing - paper & digital management

Moving -  Packing and Unpacking

Lectures / Presentations

Life Coaching -  time management

I’m an experienced Home Organizer operating mainly in Israel. I’ve developed a reputation for providing outstanding services at fair rates. I have a customer-oriented approach to my work. Contact me for more information about myself, my business, and to discuss what I can do for you.

White Kitchen

I will help you organize your digital & paper files, identify what documents /papers you need to keep scan or toss, and set up a streamlined &  productive work space.

I will help you pack, unpack, downsize, donate & sell items, arrange for movers, space plan,
and properly organize when you move into your new space.

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I will speak to your organization or group on various organizing topics. Will provide strategies, tips and tricks, to get and keep you organized.

Audiovisual Conference

I offer a variety of coaching services to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths &  abilities in support of your personal & professional goals. 

Tidy Closet

I provide an initial consultation and assessment of the project via phone or video chat where we set our organizing goals. I offer an extensive range of services. I provide on-site organizing sessions & homework (don't be scared) and follow up!​  

I look forward to adding you to my long list of satisfied clients

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