Decluttered and Serene

Your closets are full, you can't find your favorite pair of sandals. In order to open the washing machine you need to move the extra laundry basket, a mega-sized pack of paper towels, and various cleaning supplies. There is an old box of books in your entryway and someone trips over it on a daily basis. Living in your home should not be this frustrating. Reclaim space and transform your household into a place of "zen".​

Let me assist you in de-cluttering your space to make it feel more calm and functional. Includes sorting & purging, donating & selling, and finding the proper "home" for the items you need.

Organized storage units


Finding your items a new home

Throughout the process of organizing we will come across items you no longer need and we will wither recycle them or find a home for these items with someone who can truly benefit. I have a list of Genachs and Organizations that welcome lightly used useful items.