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About Miriam Gold:

Thank you for visiting my page.

I'd like to give you a little snapshot about who I am and how I became

a professional organizer. 


I grew up in a small room that was always neat and organized. I admit to having a sticker and stationary collection... but it was always kept neat and contained. I went on to share a college dorm room with 4 people, and have lived in small spaces in both Manhattan and Jerusalem. And yes, I'm that friend who comes to your house to hang out and ends up organizing you closet, desk, books....actually, I'll organize anything! 

I am a clinical social worker with a behavioral approach. I'm naturally organized, have an eye for practicality, and know how to use space effectively.  As a social worker, my approach differs with the needs of each client, but my process is always to declutter (sort & purge) and organize (create a functional space) with you, all while teaching you the how to's and skills to maintain order.


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